Remote Working

Remote appointments have been available for many years and due to government recommendations and governing body guidelines, all therapy is to continue remotely.

The following safeguarding issues are required during remote appointments:

  • Zoom is the recommended platform for remote sessions and it is the closest remote access tool to being GDPR friendly.   Please download it here if you need to:
  • You are requested to have your mobile phone and landline on silent however, your therapist requires your mobile number to be able to contact you if there is a technical issue, in which case we can text you.
  • To maintain a connection and continuity of service, would you ensure the strength and speed of your internet connection is suitable for the appointment.
  • Please ensure there are no other Wi-Fi requirements running at the time of the appointment, these might include, apps, mobile phone Wi-Fi usage, television, or other users of your hub.   These would all serve to reduce the quality of your reception.
  • Please ensure you have adequate Wi-Fi reception in the room that you are using.
  • You would already have experienced an initial consultation through Zoom and this is a good test for the quality of reception and platform experience.
  • Please set an alarm on your phone to activate fifty-five minutes after your appointment start time. If there is a technical issue, this will ensure that you are fully cognitive by the close of the appointment.
  • Please ensure that your therapist is able to see you throughout the appointment and that your device is not balancing precariously or handheld.