Neuro Linguistic Programming

The name gives a hint about what it is.

How your brain receives and processes information (Neuro), including the filters it uses to manage the potentially overwhelming amount of information within our environment.

How it communicates through language (Linguistic) and manages feelings and emotions. Importantly it includes your self-talk, the words you use to describe the internal representations of events.

How we are influenced by the world, experience it, conditioned by it and make sense of it (Programming).

Or NLP for short

NLP is more about HOW something happened rather than Why.

Initially, most of your skills were designed to keep you alive – breathing, heart pumping, eating, drinking and getting rid of what was left over. You learned that by doing things like laughing and crying, you received attention and food.

More stuff happened during the growing process from child to adult.

So your life to date, leading to your current state of mind, is a series of thoughts, emotions, feelings and interactions, some conscious and some not. Some good, some not.

When an external event happens, we filter that information through generalisation (X is the same as Y), distortion (make it bigger, smaller or fuzzy) and deletion (make it unconscious). We have memories, make decisions, create our values and beliefs and through other processes, attach internal meaning to those initially extenal events. It can be sumarised below:

So how does NLP Help?

Events happen.

How you choose to interpret the meaning of those events is up to you.

Would you like to reinterpret or reframe those events and give them a new meaning, reflecting that you are different now that you were then?

These NLP treatments can change:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Low self esteem
  • Phobias
  • Weight Management
  • Addictions

Rapid, positive change can occur with through various NLP approaches and it can also be combined with Hypnotherapy to accelerate the outcome we are seeking from our therapeutic allicance.