About Martin

Martin completed his NLP Master Practitioner Training 7 years ago. Since then these skills have been used in a commercial environment. More recently, hypnotherapy training has been completed along with a ecclectic mix of therapies including Solution Focused Positive Psychology, EMDR, EFT, Gestalt Therapy and Counselling.

For many years, Martin helped NFP organisations manage their software evaluation processes leading to organisational change. And so this practice is built on top of decades of change mangement experience.

Away from my therapy practice, my passion is playing lawn bowls, outside on grass or inside on carpet. In fact, managing my occassionally explosive behaviour when under-performing my perfectionist expectations was a significant trigger for my journey towards better emotional intelligence.

As a father to four sons, including identical triplets with ADHD, Martin has a unique perspective on stress, managing challenging behavior and acceptance that parenting is a tough job and we are all doing the best we can. For more information about this unusual story, see ADHD3.com